Whether you’re embarking on your first career out of college or looking to make a career change, the first step is to think carefully about what really drives you. You might find it hard to get past thinking about “what pays the most” or “what is most secure,” especially in today’s economy. But the truth is, most employees rank job satisfaction above salary in ensuring they feel happy at work. So, unless you’re in a situation where you have to take the first available job to make ends meet, it’s important to focus on your primary interests and passions. This can open doors to careers that you might not have considered. Once you have that foundation, you can start fine tuning your search for the right career.

What's next? If you don't decide, someone else will - and are you content with that? Do you know what your preferences are for the next step and have you assessed your options?
You have reached the right destination- D-GENCE

The team @ D-GENCE provide you an opportunity to examine the challenges and achievements of a career so far, together with personal goals. We consider this, together with an understanding of work preferences, to recognize the options/path now available, to make some wise choices and thereby to show you a path so you achieve your goal.

We conduct a confidential professional review & Assess to offer you a suitable job. This includes examination of the CV and a discussion about selection methodologies, including the interview & Offer process.

Why us?
  •    We conduct career tests.
  •    We evaluate your strengths & skills.
  •    We identify the Occupations that match your Education qualifications, Expertise & Interest.
  •    We help you to up-skill based on the skills in demand in the market.
  •    We focus on your needs and ensure you to show you the right career path


Trust us we manage your Career transition. We are committed to service.


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